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Our Minelab X Terra 705 review has uncovered a very versatile multi purpose metal detector that is suitable for many different uses including hunting for coins, jewellery even searching for gold. A highly comprehensive machine in mid range price bracket.


Great Reviews

We love the X Terra 705 and it is getting a lot of very good reviews customers as well. Generally the view is that the detector is very sensitive and has many setting to make it versatile in most situations. This is a detector that is suitable for the most advanced treasure hunters out there and is a great price.

Beach And Land Detector

This is great for those of us that want to go beach combing as well as searching around the local fields. The coil is waterproof so it won’t get damaged. It is great for prospecting those small fines metals in ground that is full of unwanted items with the highly adjustable settings. For coin and relic hunting it is great and will search out deep coins as well as fine metals. For the hobby detector this is a machine that will go almost anywhere and in the toughest conditions.

For The Experienced Detector And Beginner

This is a detector that will serve the experience treasure hunters well and has enough settings to get it running exactly as you want it and suited to the ground that you are searching. For the beginners who want a machine that will last then this is also a good buy, you will be able to learn how to set it up and as your experience grows you will be able to use more and more of the functionality and features to get some great finds. The four preset detecting modes will get you running quickly and the ground balancing can be used automatically until you are confident of setting it up yourself.

Minelab: Quality Metal Detectors

Minelab have spent many years perfecting metal detectors that are sensitive to the areas that they are searching on. They have perfected building detectors that are great for all round hobby detectorists using the experience they have gained from the high end commercial and specialists markets. They have a great reputation for their machines and great customer service to go with it. A great brand to buy from.

The Minelab XTerra 705 Features

Below we are going to take a look through some of the great features that this metal detector offers. Have a read through and see if they are what you are looking for.

Multi Frequency Detector

The XTerra 705 runs at 7.5Khz with the standard coil that comes with the machine. This can be altered by changing the coils to 3, 7.5 & 18.75kHz for really great flexibility which makes that detector very useful in many situations.

Minelab X Terra V Flex Technology

V Flex allows you to change the frequency of the machine by changing the coil for different sensitivity levels and for searching different areas. A great feature that makes this a great detector for some specialist searches like gold detecting as well as general hunting in different types of ground.

Water Proof 7.5 Inch Coil

This is a great coil that allows you to search the river banks and beaches allowing you to go that bit further than the average detector. It also gives you a lot more land to search if you live by the coast and a whole new type of detecting. All seven X Terra coils in the range are compatible with this detector.

Automatic or Manual Ground Balance

This feature allows you to get rid of a lot of ground noise as you detect which will enable you to hear the signals from small targets like tiny pieces of gold. This is an essential feature for the experience treasure hunters out there that only want to dig where it matters!

Four Preset Modes

Get going quickly with the four preset detecting patterns for the beginners out there and the people that don’t want to spend ages on a complicated set up. Really useful if you are starting out and can then be built on as you go.

Adjustable Iron Mask

This really helps when searching for items in ground that has a high iron content, particularly useful if you are prospecting for small pieces of metal that are easy to miss.

Two Pin Point Modes

These modes will not only help you accurately find your treasure before you start digging but will also show you the shape and size which will help in your search! Very handy as you can be so accurate in your digging in depth as well.

Prospecting Mode

Really good for finding all sorts of precious metal whether you are searching for gold or trying to find a precious bit of jewellery that has been lost.

LCD Display

The LCD display gives you a lot of feedback from the detector as you search which is easy to read.

Target ID Stability

Really good for getting a good signal in areas that are full of unwanted iron and other materials. It gives you a very precise and solid signal that will help narrow down your search.


Minelab once again have come up with a great detector that is suitable for all uses. It will find items deep down and also find some really small sensitive metals that other detectors won’t find. The features are vast and the detector can be set up to suit all areas and with the waterproof coil this is great. Very highly recommended by many users and us. A great buy that will suit everyone from the beginner up to the advanced detectorist.

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