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Now we are going review the Garrett AT Gold metal detector, a specialist machine that is designed with one thing in mind – finding gold! Garrett have produced this specialist machine for all of you keen prospectors out there.


Not For The Beginner

The AT Gold is a detector that needs to be set up properly to get results. It’s not ideal as an all rounder and you will need experience of metal detecting to understand all of the settings. It would be great as a second machine for some specialist searches.

The Gold Rush

In many areas, the search for gold is a big hobby. It brings with it the possibility of a big find that could be worth a lot of money. Finding gold is all about collecting up the small nuggets of gold that lie in the ground that are not easy to find. The specialist gold detectors (the Garrett AT Gold included) are designed to locate these small valuable metals and discriminate against others. These machines need to be very sensitive with very adjustable set ups to be able to search without getting interrupted by annoying signals of unwanted metals.

Garrett Specialist Metal Detectors

This is a specialist metal detector from Garrett, primarily aimed at finding gold but can also be used for finding coins, relics and jewellery. The American brand are experts in producing high end specialist metal detectors with particular jobs in mind such as prospecting or security. With so much gold prospecting happening across America they are perfectly positioned to build and test this machine.

The Garrett AT Gold Features

Have a look through the specialist features that are available on this model. It has some pretty good features that you won’t find on a lot of other detectors.

18 Khz Frequency

The AT Gold runs at a high 18Khz frequency which enables it to detect those small bits of metal including tiny gold nuggets, small pieces of jewellery and coins. A lot of detectors at lower frequencies may miss some of these tiny objects.

Advanced Ground Balance

Garrett technology enables you to set your ground balance to get rid of unwanted signals and also allows you to set a wide ground balance setting that will adapt to the changes. A very handy feature that will make set up quicker. You can also automatically ground balance the metal detector for a fast set up.

Waterproof To 10 Feet

This really is a detector that will go anywhere. The AT Gold is submersible up to 10 feet or 3 metres which is great if you are on the trail of something and don’t want to stop at the waters edge. Often gold and precious metals is found in river beds so this is an essential feature for this sort of prospecting.

Adjustable Threshold

A great feature that allows you to adjust the threshold of the frequency to make it easier to pick out the important frequencies. There is also other audio settings to enhance the signals that are sent back.

High Resolution Iron Discrimination

The discrimination settings are very advanced giving you over 40 levels of iron discrimination allowing you to filter out the junk signals and concentrate on the signals that matter. This is highly adjustable and will allow you to really fine tune the metal detector to the area you are searching.

Electronic Pin Pointing

Pin pointing on gold metal detectors is very important and needs to be good to find some of the tiny nuggets that are in the ground. Once you think you have struck gold you can switch it into pin point mode and get the exact depth and location of the find.This makes digging a lot easier especially for small objects.

Digital Target ID

The digital target ID will show up on the LCD screen giving you a 0 to 99 score on the conductivity of the metal you have found which really helps in the identification of the object. This will assist in making the decision of whether to dig or not to. Important for metals like gold and silver that are highly conductive, this feature will help you rule out the other unwanted metals.

Three Preset Searching Modes

There are three preset searching modes to get you started, the all metal mode for searching for deep objects then the Discrim 1 and Discrim 2. These setting are designed to give the detector a well balanced starting set up.


To finish our Garrett AT Gold review, this is a machine that is built for the specialist and not by any means a metal detecting all rounder. If you have metal detectors already and would like to search for gold all jewellery this could be a great investment but as first machine there are plenty of other metal detectors in our reviews that will do a better job. This model has all of the attributes you need when pursuing gold like being able to go under water and a high frequency set up. If you are looking for a gold machine this is a great machine from a great manufacturer.

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