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On this page we are going to have a look at a fantastic metal detector with our Garrett Ace 150 review. This machine offers fantastic value for money giving you tons of features for a great price. If you are new to metal detecting and have a small budget then look no further as these detectors offer a lot. This one of the most popular metal detectors in the UK with a great reputation.

Coming into the world of metal detecting can be very daunting as their are so many different types of detectors that cost varying amounts and its hard to work out which way to go. A lot of the more expensive machines have brilliant reputations but are very hard to set up and not really for the beginner. What most beginners want is a detector that is really easy to set up and get out into the fresh air. Metal detecting is not for everyone so most people want to spend a modest amount of money and spend some time using the machine before they decide if this is going to become a serious hobby. The Ace 150 detector is the one for you if you are in this boat allowing you to quickly get out and about and learn about how metal detectors work as well as having fun at the same time by finding some nice old coins in the ground.

The American company has been around for many years and earned a great reputation for building cutting edge metal detectors that have a fantastic reputation. Buying a beginner level Garrett means you get all of that experience and technology poured into a metal detector that does all of the basics very well. It’s always a good idea to buy metal detectors from an established brand that concentrate just in detectors as they specialise in producing the best technology for their machines.


The Features

The Ace 150 has many brilliant features that are well suited to the beginner and hobby metal detectorist. If you think you are one of these people then read through the features and see if they match up to your requirements.

The Frequency

This detector operates at a low 6.5 Khz frequency which is good to get started and will penetrate ground well but is not as sensitive to the smaller objects as the higher frequencies. This frequency is fine to get started but as you start to refine your searches it may well be better to get a higher frequency detector.

The Coil

The coil that comes with the Garrett ACE150 detector is the bottom of ACE 6.5 inch by 9 inch ProFormance Coil range but it well up to the job and will give you hours of fun. The great thing about these detectors is that you can upgrade the coil to other models in the ACE Coil range if you need to at a later date.

Three Preset Search Modes

This is a brilliant feature that gets you started with the click of a button. The preset modes set the detector up to give you the optimal signal to find certain objects. If you are new to detecting and need time to get used to how metal detectors work, this is a great feature. With the click of a button you can be up and running and searching out treasure. The more personal set up can come at a later date when you are more familiar with the sport. The three preset modes are set up to target coins, jewellery or all metals. A great feature that is well worth considering.

Depth Indicator

This is an important feature and will let you know how far to dig down for the hidden treasure. You won’t be digging indiscriminately looking for the coin your detector has picked up, you should be able to dig down to a fairly accurate depth knowing that your coin or other piece of metal is there.

Large LCD Display

Another important feature as you need to be able to read the feedback from your ACE 150 easily as you start to moving the device over the ground. The display will give you all of the accurate target information you need without stopping the movement of the machine and will also allow you to read it clearly in bad light.

Interchangeable Search Coils

This detector allows you to change search coils with others in the Garrett ACE Coil range. As you start to cover different ground and want to experiment with your detector, this is an important feature as it allows you a lot of flexibility as you become more experienced.

Low Battery Indicator

This one is self explanatory, when your batteries are on the way out it will let you know. Lets hope you have some spares available if you are out in the fields when it happens!

Headphone Jack

This is an important feature. The signal can be heard using the detector without headphones but it is much more clear if you are wearing a set of headphones to pick up the fine changes in the frequency. This is important if you are detecting in a noisy area like near a road or in a windy field. To get the best accuracy you need to have a clear signal and this quarter inch jack allows you to plug in a wide range of head phones.

Easy Storage

Important if you are taking detectors out on a long walk and want to store it in a bag or have limited space at home. The detector comes apart into three pieces and breaks down into small package that is easy and quick to re assemble.

Back Up Metal Detectors

As well as being a really popular machine as a main detector many serious metal detectorists use the ACE 150 as a back up metal detector. If you are out and about searching for coins and other objects very frequently it is a good idea to have a back up detector in case your main machine needs fixing or servicing. This detector offers so many features for the money and is a comprehensive metal detector in its own right so will be a perfect back up.

On The Downside

There are not a great deal of down side to this detector as it covers all of the basics well. However, here are a few.

There is no electronic pin pointing to accurately find the object in the ground, saying that, it is still pretty easy to pinpoint objects pretty well with the detector as you get used to it.

There is no accept or reject discrimination on this detector which could be a bit of a downside to the regular detector.

The number of sensitivity settings is low at four but this covers the basics well. If you are looking for a more configurable machine it may be worth hopping up to the Euro ACE which covers most of the down sides.

The frequency is a bit low at 6.75Khz which is not great for the smaller objects, a couple of models up will get you a higher frequency machine that will help find the tiny coins you are hunting.


Garrett offer a two year parts and labour warranty on their ACE 150 detectors, giving you piece of mind that this is built to last the course. Just because you are buying an entry level machine you will still want it to last and this warranty gives you peace of mind.

Value For Money

This is great value for money covering all of the basics very well and giving you a metal detector that will give you hours of fun for a very small budget. This is a great machine for the beginner with out investing too much money and a great value back up detector for the experienced treasure hunters.

Summing It Up

It is a very popular machine in the UK and this is because it offers a lot of power for good value. The features cover all of the basics well and the preset hunting modes are great for those of us that just want to click a button and go. The reputation of Garrett gives users confidence that they are getting a high quality detector that will last for may years. Overall, our Garrett ACE 150 review has found that this model comes highly recommended by many customers.

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