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Now we are going to have a look at the mid price range metal detector from C-Scope the CS6MX-i. This is a great metal detector with a brilliant reputation that is used by many metal detectorists in the UK.

The British company are famed for building great detectors and if you like to buy British then look no further. The company has been building high quality metal detectors for over 30 years which gives them so much experience in the UK market. Buying a C-Scope machine means you are buying a detector that is used by many enthusiasts and has great reviews.

This model has been specifically designed to be great for all round use in the UK and European market with real care taken in building a highly robust machine that will be sensitive in all areas and will serve as a great choice for beginners and for the seasoned detectors.

This metal detector is a motion type of detector which is a relatively new but very good metal detector technology which means that the detector is at its most effective as it is sweeping over the ground.

If you are a beginner that is looking to buy a detector that will last you a long time and will grow with your experience then this is the one for you. You will have years of fun exploring different terrains and will be able to configure it more to your preferences as you get used to the sport.


The Features

The C-Scope CS6MX-i metal detector has so many great features and a few that you won’t find on other machines. The feature set really sets this detector apart and makes it a very versatile machine indeed. Have a look through and check if the features on this detector line up to the requirements you have. If you are a beginner you can compare these against other reviews we have written to understand just how good a metal detector this is.

The Frequency

This detector runs at 17Khz on the bespoke C.Scope VLF motion operating system which makes it a very versatile machine. This frequency allows you to search for the smallest of objects when scouring the land for things like very thin coins and tiny bits of jewellery. The 17Khz signal gives a very crisp response and great sensitivity in areas with lots of iron and also allows you to find some deep objects with the right coil.

Three Pitch Audio Signal

The three pitch system allows you to discriminate very easily between metals before you start digging and is also adjustable depending on what you are looking for and the type of land you are on. Some of the frequencies can be turned down as well so that you can concentrate on finding worth while objects not just lumps of iron.

The Coil

The coil is an 8 inch by 11 inch DD elliptical coil that is great for most conditions in the UK and is a versatile coil that will allow you to search out many types of metal very accurately. The CScope CS6MX-i is also compatible with other C Scope search coils making it very versatile and useful in most situations.

The coil is waterproof so that you can search in shallow water and rivers. Don’t put the whole detector in though!

Pin Point Mode

There is the all important pin point mode which is not available on some of the cheaper detectors on the market. This allows you to exactly pin point the object you want to dig up after you have found it with your normal detecting set up. This means your digging time is reduced and far more accurate than digging a wide whole to make suer that you find it. A great feature if you don’t have all day to spend out searching.

Highly Configurable

This detector can be set up for different conditions and preferences so that you can get the optimum performance. The sensitivity control and discrimination control allow you to disregard certain signals and really tune into other especially if you are beach detecting or in areas with a lot of iron.

Headphone Socket

To maximise the fantastic accurate signal this machine gives you there is a quarter inch jack socket to plug in your headphones. This allows you to block out all of the outside noise that can interrupt the finer frequencies you need to pick up. The socket is at the bottom of the machine for good weather proofing.

On The Downside

On the downside there are no preset detecting setting for a click and go set up which is very handy for the beginner but don’t let this put you off as it just needs a little bit if set up to get you going and will appreciate the power as you start to get used to it.


The C Scope CS6 MXI comes with a two year warranty giving you the satisfaction that you have invested your money into something that will last. The price bracket is not at the high end but it is still significant enough to require some safety net. In the event that you do need a repair or a service C.Scope are renowned for fantastic customer service. Very important if you are using the detector a lot and want to keep it in tip top condition.

Value For Money

This is a great value metal detector. The fact that it is good as a beginner machine and can be set up to be a machine for the experienced detector means that you will buy this model knowing you won’t have to buy again. It can use various different coils so you don’t need two detectors. A great bit of kit with a good reputation and money well spent.

What The Users Say

Its all very well us giving you our point of view in our CS6MX-i review but what are other people saying about this C Scope model? Below are some of the comments that have been made by detectorists using the machine in the UK.

– Been using this machine for a good while and am over the moon with the performance. Time constraints mean that I need a quick and easy machine to set up and this is pretty simple. I have had some great finds near to the surface and also some pretty good deep finds.

– This is a well sealed unit that can take some of the good old English weather with no problem. I have been out in all weather and not had any problems.

– After coming from a CS3 up to the CS6 I was pretty impressed with the power. The three tone audio is great and gives you great control but it did take me a while to get to grips with it and fully understand what the frequencies were telling me.

– This is the third machine of this level I have had and wanted something be comparative to my Deus. It has been great as it is so configurable and the build quality is excellent. Pretty important up here in Wales as its hard going on some days!

Summing Up The C.Scope CS6MX-i Review

To sum up our CS6MX-i review, this is a great all round machine for the UK detectorist that is looking for a machine that is versatile in all areas. The 17Khz frequency gives great accuracy and is backed up with the new motion technology to give a very powerful metal detector indeed. Built for all levels of detecting and many terrains such as the beach and even gold detecting this is a great machine. The company behind it has a great reputation which should back up the great model reviews. A highly recommended detector.


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