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Now we are going to start to look at the manufacturers and metal detector models in a bit more detail. The home page gave a great overview of the top ten metal detectors which should guide you on your search for the perfect machine. As we drill down into the site we will look at the models in more detail, on this page we are going to give you an overview of the manufacturers of detectors before moving into the model specific reviews.

The aim of our reviews is to give you as much information as possible about all aspects of your metal detector purchase. From the details about the manufacturer down to the smallest little feature that could effect how you use your machine. We are all buying for different reasons so we hope that cover all of the aspects you are looking at.

Looking at the manufacturers is an important part of your search as they all represent different things and specialise in slightly different areas. All of us buy products for very different reasons so it is nice to know a bit about who you are purchasing from. Many of us like to stick to the most well known brands and rely on the fact that a lot of other people have bought the same product. Some of us like to buy British and make sure that our hard earned money is put back into the UK economy and others may be looking for a very specific feature on a model. In this case it is important that you run through all of the detailed model reviews to get a deep insight into each machine.

There are various ways in which you can reach the specific model reviews. From this page you can click down into the individual manufacturer pages and then down into the specific model reviews or you can click through to the individual models from the home page. If you know the model you want to read about you can use the menu to navigate your way to the model review.


Top Metal Detector Manufacturers

Below we are going to look at some of the top manufacturers of detectors for the UK market. They are not all UK companies but offer detectors that really suit the conditions you are likely to face when searching the fields and shorelines for hidden treasure.

Once you have had a read through the manufacturer overviews you can click into the individual manufacturer pages.


The American based metal detectors manufacturer has been pushing the boundaries of the technology for fifty years. The company is dedicated to one thing and that is the design, production and improvement of metal detectors for the hobby, sport and commercial markets. They have produced a range of detectors that is aimed at the conditions in the European market which will cover most peoples needs in the UK. With the range starting at a budget level with great easy to use features going right up to the more expensive models that can be set up by the seasoned treasure hunter for specific areas and searches.

With all of the knowledge that comes from the commercial sector and the sport market they are able to produce metal detectors that get fantastic reviews from many very happy customers. This is a brand that we think should be considered as they offer great value and get great reviews.

If you are a beginner and looking to get started but want a metal detector that still offers good performance that will last you a couple of years then this could be the brand for you to get you going. Even if you can stretch your budget to the lower mid range machines you will still get a lot for your money and get hours of fun searching for hidden treasures.

For more information the Garrett Metal Detector Range click here.


C Scope are a leading brand in the manufacture of metal detectors for both the hobby market and the commercial use. The British based company has a large range of metal detectors that cover most types of detecting around the UK. They have 40 years experience in the UK market and have now become a world wide leader in the distribution of metal detectors.

The range starts off with budget metal detectors that are great value for money and easy to get started. For the beginner these machines are perfect as they allow detectorists to buy a quality machine without spending a fortune. The higher end of the range is aimed at the serious detectorist that needs a detector that is very configurable and can be set up for different conditions. All of the machines in the range have great reputations. This is a great brand and you will not be disappointed with the metal detector you buy.

Learn more about C.Scope here.


This Australian brand is a world leader in the metal detectors market. Offering a very wide range of detectors for the weekend treasure hunter right through to the very specialist machines for searching for gold. The reputation of the models they produce is very high and they are a brand to be trusted.

With over 30 years of experience they have produced some highly acclaimed models that have been used in the commercial and sport world of metal detecting. The underwater machines are used by divers for many uses such as searching for gold or the very serious business of searching for mines.

The entry level range is designed to use all of the expert technology that has been built up over the years combined with a super easy set up to get you out having fun in no time at all. As you gain experience and want to broaden your horizons in metal detecting Minelab will have the model that you need.

A highly recommended brand with a large range of detectors. Click here to view the Minelab manufacturer review for more information and glance at their range.

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